Pandora London

Modern myth comes to London in this dynamic take on contemporary supernatural drama. Become a participant in a supernatural war that rages in secret throughout the city. Battle forces both magical and spiritual as you and those like you uphold the peace and hold back the night.

PANDORA uses the CASCADE ROLEPLAYING SYSTEM, a streamlined version of the role playing system first seem in the GOLDEN AGE RPG (which is also free to download). Carefully designed to allow for quick and easy character creation and simple to remember in-game systems without losing the depth and freedom of choice that make role playing games so fantastic.

Game Type: 
Roleplaying Game
4 - Moderately Crunchy

The essence of any good role playing system is that they allow the player characters to grow and evolve. The ongoing narrative provided by the Storyteller coupled with the learning curve of the player in correlation to the games rules and world setting accounts for emotional growth of a character, whilst betterment of a class is done through the successful completion of missions and unlocking of a Skill Tree. These sheets contain Special Actions to denote specific combat abilities, Perks to show improvement in key areas of the character’s trade and permanent stat Boosts that represent true achievement and self betterment.

Each Class comes with its own unique Skill Tree and characters start with just one basic skill of the trade at their disposal. As players use characters to successfully complete missions they gain Ranks that can be swapped for Grace or permanent HP boosts, but more importantly they can be used to unlock a new area of the tree.