PEDAL is a story game about long distance bicycle races, like the Tour de France or La Vuelta. It's Powered by the Apocalypse and was created for the #YourMoveJam 2019. It contains only a single PbtA move: pedal.

To play PEDAL, you'll need a few friends and a bit of time. You need the rules, the playmat, the character sheet and the tags to play. You'll also need some dice, some playing cards and some tokens.

Friends, this is a lot like a board game with narrative components. And it's also in development. At least until the end of the jam. That's why it's available for free, for now.

Game Type: 
Roleplaying Game
Powered by the Apocalypse
2 - Focus/Imagination

Playing the game
Turns go clockwise round the table, and starts with whoever last got on a bicycle (on a tie, whoever last repaired a bike). On your turn, describe your current situation on the track. Where are you in the course? Where are your rivals? How tired are you? Do you have draft?

Then, make a decision. Are you going to carry on where you are, or are you going to pedal? To pedal always carries a risk—you might not get a full success, even if you have advantage. But if you don't risk it, you won't win, and the clock will keep winding down.

If you decide to pedal, look at the lay of cards. If your strengths match three or four of those cards, you roll with three dice, adding together the highest two (advantage). If they match two, you roll with two dice, adding them together. And if they match zero or one, you roll with three dice, adding together the lowest two (disadvantage).

You can cancel disadvantage or gain advantage in two other ways: add two Fatigue to your total, or clearing Draft.