Perilous Intersections

A lightweight engine for solitaire roleplaying game adventures. It works by directing you to answer the Big Questions that brings a hero into conflict with a setting’s threat. It keeps some measure of surprise while the emergent plot provides resistance to the protagonist’s motivations. It works best with characters that have strong motivations and are action-driven. It can work in tandem with any existing RPG system, and is interactive, responding to the PC’s efforts to counter the main antagonist, making her choices matter.

At the heart of this solo engine are intersections. An intersection is a particular method of interpretation whereby one runs a random idea prompt through a filter. This filter always provides a “push” on the PC’s goals and motivations, and sometimes against her directly.

Game Type: 
Roleplaying Game
2 - Focus/Imagination

Perilous Intersections also has a timing mechanism that brings urgency to the scenario and demands resolution. Like any similar solo engine (Mythic GM Emulator, the 9Q’s, and many other great indie games), it relies heavily upon proper interpretation of random prompts and cues. Largely intended as a solo engine, it can be used in a group setting, giving a collaborative approach to a GM-full multi-player structure, similar to the Mythic GM Emulator.

Largely, this engine provides a method for scene framing with mechanics for allowing and removing the solitaire player’s narrative control, and for making his choices meaningful.