The Posthuman Doorways

Homo sapiens sapiens is evolving. Genetic engineering allow us to gain new traits and adapt to local conditions at startling speed. Cybernetic technologies allow us to enhance our senses or replace limbs, giving us inhuman capabilities.

● How will our new Transhuman natures transform the world?
● What will the future society look like?
● What will we lose in the process?

This is a game about too many questions with too few answers. Each question asked during play opens a doorway to the future, and there are always some left unexplored.

Game Type: 
Collaborative Story
2 - Focus/Imagination

Place the two sheets on the table, with the Enlightenment Sheet above the Evolution Sheet. This will mean that you will have a 8.5” wide by 22” high play space known as The Timeline. This is where you can keep track of each of what happens to the world.

This story will take place during three different eras; distinct time periods in your character’s lives. The Enlightenment Sheet and Evolution Sheet each have space for each of the different eras, allowing you to either explore the physical or mental transformations of each era. Characters start as teenagers and students in the Human Era, the near future only slightly beyond our own time. These are when the first real changes begin to take place and your characters develop as individuals. This is a period of foreshadowing; endless possibilities and of unknown dangers.