Primrose Place

You are retired and living in the Primrose Place Retirement Community just off of I-95 outside of St. Augustine, Florida. It’s a pleasant enough place. Every Thursday afternoon, you get together in the Primrose Place Activities Center with some of the other residents and reminisce about your lives over a friendly game of dominoes.

Primrose Place is a short, one-session TTRPG for 2-4 players. Honestly, you could easily play solo. Requires a set of double-six dominoes to play. Pay What You Want.

Game Type: 
Roleplaying Game
Collaborative Story
1 - Super Easy

Once you have spoken your answer aloud, draw a random tile from the middle and turn it face-up. Add together all the pips on the tile, and add one of your stats: Past if the question is about the past, and Present if your question is about the present. If your total is at least 10, the others in the group reassure you that what you said is true:
• Record your answer on your character sheet.
• Remove the tile you drew this round from the game.
• Remove the tile on your character sheet from the game.
• Draw a new tile, place it face-down in the spot on your character sheet (without looking), then turn it face-up. These will be your stats for the next week.