Red Rock

The residents of Red Rock drifted to the town one by one, haunted by images of disaster and clinging desperately to fragmentary memories and glimpses of their lives beyond the secluded town. "Red Rock" is a Post-Apocalyptic game of Memory and Fantasy.

Game Type: 
Roleplaying Game
Collaborative Story
2 - Focus/Imagination

In addition to basic abilities, each player character has story elements that help flesh out her background. Story elements are memories, dreams, places, or non-player characters that are significant to the PC. They provide a bonus to ability scores during actions. PCs can have up to three story elements, but begin the game with a single element rated one. As the character adjusts to life in Red Rock and begins to remember her past she gains two more elements, one rated two and another rated three.

Rook has a vivid recollection of drinking coffee at a diner(1). During an adventure, he is helping Saul look for any differences between two books that appeared in the library. Late at night he heads to the small cafe adjacent the ticket office and settles at the counter to read as fluorescent lights flicker and hum overhead. Connecting the job to the memory lets Rook add the diner score to his memory level, giving him a total ability score of 2.

There’s no set mechanism for adding the remaining elements. The GM and player can use them to reflect the PC ’s relation to Red Rock and its residents or memories of pre-catastrophe life.