Sea of Stars

A Galactic Role Playing Game presenting a richly-detailed interstellar civilization complete with alien races, futuristic skills, and complex political rivalries. Peace is relative. Conflict is constant.

Note: This is an Alpha release.

Game Type: 
Roleplaying Game
5 - Highly Crunchy

To whomever has found this document I hope it serves you well. My name is not important. I have traveled our great republic for many decades; from edge to core and spin-ward to trail-wise. In this journal I have recorded my observations and whatever knowledge I have gained.

Inside is information that is mostly common knowledge. However, some of what I have seen is not meant to be known. From the inner workings of the Eclipse Syndicate, to the secret dealings of companies like Open Mind, Ltd., to the real reason Archaeological Expeditions was formed. I even have detailed possible evidence that others beyond the buffer zone and the Red Line have already visited us and may be responsible for certain well known events.

As is often said but rarely headed, knowledge is contagious. Once you learn what is contained in this text you will not be able to unlearn it. Persons,groups or governments may seek you out to destroy that knowledge or just to learn what you know.

If you choose to venture into the wider galaxy after you have read the information contained with in, I haveincluded the top secret system that the Republic uses to categorize people and a way to generate these values for yourself. An identity might be handy in eluding certain individuals. I have also included basic guidelines for modeling equipment, vessels and other inanimate objects and also rules for modeling situations. These can come in useful if you wish to perform simulations of situations before actually engaging in them.

Other necessary information is given on the main systems of our side of the galaxy, the races, important events, and background information on traveling between the stars. BE WARNED! The versions of events and the racial, corporate, and government background I offer are not the versions you learned in school orwere told by your parents. It is in these sections that I have buried the truth between lines of accepted and sanitized knowledge.

I wish you luck on your future endeavors and remember that it is in your best interest to act like you never read this information. To pretend you never learned some of the secrets contained within while you interactwith the galaxy at large; while you sail through this Sea of Stars.