Space Trucker

A pocketmod microgame inspired by 70s "trucker" stories/music - with a dash of Kung Fu, Space Opera, and Funk thrown in. The system is Minimal d6 by Norbert Matausch. The format was inspired by Sean Wills' Thronelands. Here are some folding instructions by the author.

Game Type: 
Roleplaying Game
1 - Super Easy

Describe what your character is doing. Roll 2d6 if the outcome is uncertain (to hit, evade, try, save, etc. as the Referee asks).
• Roll +1d6 for advantage of any kind (item, trait, superior tactics)
• Roll -1d6 for disadvantage of any kind (ambushed, injured, blinded)
• Never roll more than 3d6 or less than 1d6!
• A 5 or 6 on any die = success

If you roll all 1s, something really bad happens! The Ref says what.
However, if the character (whose player rolled the 1s) can later reveal how “it’s all part of my plan” or puts a foe “right where I want them!” the next roll is made with 3d6 (disadvantage be damned).

Play the world and everything in it. Call for a roll when a character tries something dangerous or difficult. Just say it happens if it’s real easy, and can’t if it’s impossible. Failure leaves a character open to injury, capture, or worse. Anyone injured must roll to remain active. If they don’t succeed they are Out Of Action (OoA) until healed up. Push hard on Aces! Knock a character OoA (no saving roll), cause collateral damage, use their trait against them, separate the party, pin them down – think dangerously! When dramatically appropriate, a character reaches a new experience level and picks another trait. With your OK they can pick from another list or create a brand new trait.