A game about rodents who are also rumrunners.

It’s the roaring twenties, and times are tough here in New York City. This town is no place for vermin, they say: the city is teeming with dogs, cats, all sorts who would see you dead where you stand—if they could catch you. You and your crew, you know it’s hard out there. So you do what little you can to make life a bit easier for the average rat off the street looking to escape their sorrows for a night. And you do it in the only way you know how: By running an EXTREMELY ILLEGAL UNDERGROUND BAR FOR RODENTS.

Squeakeasy is a Forged in the Dark hack about Prohibition-era mice, and their bootlegging shenanigans. PWYW.

Game Type: 
Roleplaying Game
2 - Focus/Imagination

Collectively, all players create the EXTREMELY ILLEGAL UNDERGROUND BAR FOR RODENTS that you run. Give it a name, and pick two strengths: escape tunnels, prime business location, sturdy construction, inconspicuous, cryptic wealthy benefactor, good customers, good food.

Also, pick one problem: Limited storage space (you can only have one or two bottles on tap at a time), Strapped for Patrons (customers have been thin lately), Dangerous territory (there are a lot of predators in the area), Unseemly reputation (the last bar’s owners did some shady stuff).

Go around the table and have each player introduce their character to the table. All of you are employees at this bar. Who’s been here the longest? Who’s the newest hire?