The Sundered Land

The Sundered Land is a series of 5 single-page games plus 2 supplements set in the Sword-and-Sorcery ruins of the future. A Doomed Pilgrim is designed for online play. You play the pilgrim, and your friends on the internet try to see you to your doom. The other four games are designed for face to face play: "Caravan Guards", you're guarding a caravan on the Burnt Road, in "Night Watch", you're passing the night by telling your comrades stories from your past, in "At Ends", you're down to your ambition and your wits, trying to make your way on the streets of a city of intrigue, and in "Warriors", you're meeting your enemies in battle.

Game Type: 
Collaborative Story
1 - Super Easy

I'm a warrior seeking peace and an end to bloodshed. I'm on pilgrimage across the Sundered Land to the Temple To No Gods in the distant City of Gulls. My pilgrimage has brought me to the Ragged Forest, inhabited by monsters who dress in human skins. My goal is to pass safely through and continue my pilgrimage. You all, my friends online, play the world. Your goal is to see me to my doom, instead of safely on my way. You're allowed only to directly answer my direct questions, though, so you might not be able to do it. The Rules: 1. Only answer my questions. 2. If you don't already know the answer, make something up. 3. Keep your answers short. 4. If your answer's disruptive, I'm allowed to delete it. 5. Otherwise, I'll use the first answer somebody gives.