Super Repo

An RPG about people who live in a superhero universe, doin' the jobz and payin' the billz. Elsewhere, Solarman is punching out the villainous Dr. Thunder right now, but this is not a game about him. This is about the guys in the background, who have to deal with the everyday shit that most superheroes don’t worry about. Sure, you have some superpowers, but you still gotta pay the rent, right?

So you did what any schmuck would do: you got a job. Specifically, all the player characters are employees of Teapot Dome Superpowered Repossession Services. When a supervillain defaults on their loan, their creditors hire you to recover their collateral.

Game Type: 
Roleplaying Game
2 - Focus/Imagination

When you want your character to accomplish a task, any player can suggest one way it would go wrong. That’s when we go to the dice to find out what happens.

First, the player states what they want to accomplish. Then the GM states one way that this action could go wrong, and one of the regular players describes a different way it could go wrong. Important note: Don’t roll until you’ve declared the ways something could go wrong.

Now we know what you’re trying to accomplish and how you can screw things up. You’re ready to roll the dice. Take 3d6 to start with. If your super powers are relevant, you can take a d10 instead of one d6 and roll that. Similarly, if your background is relevant, take a d8 and roll that instead of a d6. If your flaw is hindering you, roll a d4 (and take a d12 to be rolled instead of a d6 on any later roll). Roll your three dice.

Assign one die to each of the potential dangers and one to whether you succeed at the task. You get to decide which die goes
where. Any die showing 4 or higher is good for you.