There and Back Again

You are an adventurer in the world of The Hobbit. Specifically the world as it appeared in the 1937 edition of that book. Anyone can be a wizard with the right knowledge, trolls turn to stone in the sunlight, animals or magical objects can speak, elves aren't always nice, and the wild is full of terrible creatures like goblins, giant spiders, and even dragons!

I offer that the central themes of The Hobbit are:
1. Treasure hunting
2. Journeys
3. Singing

You need 3d6 and the rules (link below) to play. When you print the sheet, set it horizontally/landscape, two-sided, binding on short edge. And don't let the printer scale it down. Then fold it accordion-style so that the title is on the front and the character sheet on the back. (Fold it once more if you want to stick it in your pocket.)

Game Type: 
Roleplaying Game
2 - Focus/Imagination

Each character begins with 3 points of Toughness and 2 points of Fate. Divide 5 more points between the two. Toughness is how many wounds you can take before being taken out of the action. Choose a high Toughness if you plan on being a rugged adventurer. Fate, whether you think of it as luck, heart, or the will of the gods, is a resource you can call upon in a dire situation. Choose a high Fate if see your character as magical, either innately, through training, or having magical trinkets.

During your adventures you will lose Toughness from taking wounds (which can happen when you fail a roll) and spend Fate to get out of sticky situations or do magical things. If your Toughness falls to 0, you are Incapacitated until you can get healed or rest up. If you take wounds while Incapacitated, you die.

After a long rest in a safe place, a Haven, your Toughness and Fate return to their starting values. You may also regain points of Toughness and Fate when you Take Courage!

You may never go above your starting F/T numbers, but you may increase these numbers through Advancement.