Tiny d10

Tiny d10 is a unique d10 system for creating fast and complete role-playing experiences. Everything about the game is built to be quick, flexible, and extensible. Some of its noteworthy features include a simple resolution mechanic that requires only a single d10, a complete game engine flexible enough to adapt to most RPG settings, and a miniaturized core rule book complete with a minimalist character sheet.

Game Type: 
Roleplaying Game
2 - Focus/Imagination

From the "Combat" section:

"Players begin combat according to reflex scores, the highest first, the lowest last. Any ties among scores should be settled with the roll of 1d10. Combat is simple. The following is an example of a standard turn:

Alanthea, the level 1 thief, draws her dagger and declares her target: a snarling goblin with a scar drawn from his forehead to his chin. She makes an attack (ATK) roll using 1d10 and, since she's using a dagger, adds her reflex score. She rolls a 6, and adds her bonus of 2, for an ATK total of 8. The goblin has a toughness of T5, and Alanthea viciously slashes his throat, dealing 1 damage. He dies instantaneously."