UED: You Are The Resistance

UED is powered by the Lost Dice system, in which every roll you make means one die fewer in your reserves. The result is rising tension over the course of your mission, as you try to succeed and survive with dwindling resources.

You set out into the frozen wastelands with your team of Runners, with heated exploration suits and the best equipment your Haven can provide. You're carrying messages, searching for supplies or looking for a way to beat the Invaders. But the world of ice is a dangerous place and chances are you won't all make it home. Wild animals, human Renegades, the robotic Invaders, the biting cold - all of these could kill you.

Game Type: 
Roleplaying Game
4 - Moderately Crunchy

Every meter he climbed was another step closer to salvation - but not Ed’s.
He knew he was going to die. Already, there was no sensation in his feet, and he had
already gone a long time with the life support energy pointer on zero.
No, the salvation would be for the Zion Haven, his haven, his responsibility.
They needed to know that all the Runners had died.
And Zion could be next.