Until We Sink

A few natives and guests – and a dead fishing enthusiast – are the only people on this tiny Pacific resort island, which is slowly but surely sinking into the ocean.

The game is divided into five to seven days. Each day's gaming consists of the characters sitting on the hotel patio in the evening, talking. What happens outside of these evenings is not played out, but the players can make up things which has happened and mention them in their character's conversation.

General advice: Don't object too much. If another character states that he has seen you clean blood off your hands down by the tide mark, it's better to make up a plausible explanation rather than saying "It’s a lie!"

In order to play you will need the included cards, a die and six tokens – pebbles, coins or similar – to use as explanation markers.

Game Type: 
Collaborative Story
2 - Focus/Imagination

Before each evening (except the first), draw an event card and read the text out loud. Then leave the card with the text visible on the table. The card displays an event which has happened at some point since the previous evening. This event occurs in addition to events invented by the players. The explanations for these events (both those on the cards and those invented by yourselves) are left to be established by the players through their character's conversations. It's at least as important to come up with good, consistent explanations as making up new events. Explanations can turn up the same evening as the event, or several evenings later. When you have found an explanation for a an event card, put a marker on the card as a reminder. These explanations are always true!