Wands in the Aether

A GM-less RPG about wizard criminals. It uses Forged in the Dark mechanics and Facade Dice. PWYW.

Game Type: 
Roleplaying Game
Collaborative Story
3 - Mildly Crunchy

For every point you have in an action, roll a die. If you are attempting an action you have no points in, roll twice and take the lower result. Even if you fail, something good may yet happen. Even if you succeed, something may go wrong. Your final result is the highest die rolled. If it’s a…
● 1, you fail at a cost.
● 2, you fail.
● 3, you fail with an advantage.
● 4, you succeed at a cost.
● 5, you succeed.
● 6, you succeed with an advantage.
Costs are setbacks, threats, and complications. Advantages are benefits, coincidences, and stray bits of good luck. Keep in mind that the core question of the roll is about getting what you want. A cost should never take your success away. Likewise, an advantage should never just give you the thing that you were rolling for in the first place. Always discuss the nature of the costs and advantages you receive with the group, and come to a consensus.