A Year of Mini-RPGs, Season One

This volume collects 13 and a half RPGs, all designed to be read and played quickly while offering unconventional game experiences. Pay what you want at DrivethruRPG.com. Games in this collection include...

- The Anti-Paradox Brigade: All the best Agents are already on the field when the alarm goes off at the Time Agency. That’s why, for once, it’s you they call... Here’s your chance to shine again, or confirm your ineptitude!

- Last Escape: You’ve had enough of this retirement home where every day looks the same, sad and grey: with a few other residents, you’ve skedaddled! What will you do during this final escape: make an old dream come true, keep an almost forgotten promise, or have fun as if you were 20 again?

- The Disorder Suit: Today was carnival day at the flower Kingdom; they put on their human suits and imitated human society all day long... But your group wandered off a little and when excitement dies down in the evening, you realize you got lost in the human Kingdom! You’ll need to get home safe and sound before the suit bursts and the day rises... Unless that’s the perfect opportunity to learn more about these strange beings?

- Frayed in the Freezing Night...: You’ve been protecting the Child against their nightmares forever. Whatever the circumstances, you’re always here to com- fort them... except for today. Today, the Child forgot you during an outing with their parents, and came back home without you. Outside, it’s cold, there’s noise, Christmas lights hurt your eyes, and without your protection, nightmares roam freely... Will you get back to the Child, against all odds, before the nightmares devour them?

- YOU ARE A TREE: YOU ARE A TREE and when you were born, you were tasked with the protection of one if this old world’s realms. It’s not easy: the world goes much too slow and everything you do seems to make things worse. And then there are those who’d like to see you reduced to twigs, and the other trees looking after rival realms...

- After School Investigations: You’re high schoolers in a small American town; each of you has a complicated life to handle, between classes, family, friends... So when a crime is committed and the adults don’t notice it, when it’s up to you to find out who done it, it becomes a pain to deal with all that stuff!

- Saturday Night Forever: During the big part last Saturday night, where all the cool people from college were, you died. You forgot how and leave quite a few regrets behind, but you have the opportunity to fix that, by controlling your ghosts, back 30 minutes before their death...

- The Doppelgänger Effect: You’re all from different parallel realities. You’re the same person, give or take a few details... Will that lead you to help or avoid one another? How will the multiverse react when you start travelling in it?

- Until Dawn Comes:
You are constellations watched by an astronomer. You get to tell him about the story of the cosmos during a whole night. But beware! If you try too hard to shine, you might end up disappearing completely...

- Robonimals: You just woke up in the scientific laboratory. There’s no noise, apart from the hum of a few machines: you, half-robot half-animal creatures, are the only survivors of this place... Well, almost. There’s also the Thing roaming at the end of the corridor...

- VIOLENCE/SEX/POOP: You’ve been slaving away for this fucker of a Master who drags you through shit every other day. And there they go, giving you one more crappy mission... What if, this time, you told them to fuck off?

Game Type: 
Roleplaying Game
Collaborative Story
2 - Focus/Imagination