Games by Tobie Abad

A Single Moment

The two samurai stared at each other. Once they were friends. Brothers. But time has come for honor to be regained, and vengeance to be unleashed. Footing adjusted. Grips tightened. Eyes narrowed. A single moment and it was over. Keywords: Narrative, Two-Player, Multiple Genres, Cards, No...


Command. We are off course. We don’t know where we are. Can you hear us? The year is Tomorrow. Interplanetary transit has been achieved through a unique form of transportation. Professor Yoshi has designed a machine that transmutes people sitting in a personal vessel into pulses of light,...

That Night Out

Out with friends for the night. But suddenly, a siren blares out of nowhere. And deep down, you all realize your lives are in danger. Somehow, deep in the bottom of your souls, you all realize something is out there to kill you. Can you survive the night?

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