Command. We are off course. We don’t know where we are. Can you hear us?

The year is Tomorrow.
Interplanetary transit has been achieved through a unique form of transportation. Professor Yoshi has designed a machine that transmutes people sitting in a personal vessel into pulses of light, which are then transmitted across huge distances by riding on the rays of sunlight. Many say it is the safest method of travel, so long as one pays attention to the dance of the celestial bodies in space.

But it is not without its flaws.

You are Command. Alarms flash informing you that a transit has gone awry. It is up to you to help the lost find their way back to their destination.

Game Type: 
Roleplaying Game
Collaborative Story
2 - Focus/Imagination

This is a sci-fi game intended to be played via webcam for an immersive experience. One takes the role of Command, while the rest are Citizens who were being transported when the glitch occurred. All must work together, share information and complete tasks to succeed.
The game runs for one real-time hour. All lives must be saved or all fail. Command communicates with each Citizen, determine their destination, complication and face dangers. Command and Citizens each have their own handouts to use in the game.