Paws, maybe a RPG ?

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Hello Fictioneers,
Inspired by Star crossed, I've designed a little story game .
I wanted to make an improv story game for total beginners from age 9. So it's a game where you play animals in very short, simple scenes, like in a fable. I refrain from saying more about gameplay, because I want to know what gets through and what I have to rewrite.
In any case, I would be glad to get feedback from you, positive and negative.

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I've read through this and it looks like the core of the play loop is a prisoner's dilemma type thing. Is that what you were going for?
Also is this a teaching game, or a game about improvising?

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I wanted something as simple and balanced as a Rochambeau but with a precise control of the spirals and swirls of outcomes and corresponding attitudes. It was a problem of trust but I soon felt lazy and humbled by the various options and rewards, so I used the Evolution of trust page to go through variations of rewards on the prisoner's dilemma, and other variations to experiment.

I needed the "dilemma game" as a diversion to the improv vertigo / blank page fright... the latter overwritten by the tension of natural life scenes. Fable animals speak, self-groom, but in the end shred and trick one another. Vae victis. This is fitting with a mathematical, blunt game. This "indirect bluntness" in turn allows a "dominated" (a child, a shy one, whoever) to simply and overtly win a "dominator" (a parent, a loudmouth).

Because, as a whole, it's a game for "teaching improv", or more correctly give opportunities for emancipation through the freeing power of improvisation.

Of course, sharing my reading of the Fables seems didactic. But it's not by intent. It's just the way I see them. You're not the first to tell me the game smells of literature classroom. I wonder if that's something you project on the Fables or else, where it shows in the game.

The didactic parts though are about maths (tic-tac-toe level, but with the less known dilemma) and taxonomy (cnidarians rock).

Did I answer your questions ?

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Due to holydays, another family meeting, I could play test it again. It is robust, and they enjoyed being their Animal.
Ruleswise, I need to insist that : holding hands longer while talking works best ; you can change animal and keep your Food.
Next, I want to make all those beautiful Animal sheets.

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If this message could glow with pride, I'd leave sunglasses for your protection. :sunglasses:

Paws has now been read and played by a few people I didn't know. Self publishing it on itch has been the first step to a dozen other games, but it stays my ""best seller"".