PBF Membership - Happy Festivus!

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As a holiday gift to all who have posted in the Fictioneers forum this year, I am granting you Charter Status as Facilitators in the Fictioneers Play-By-Forum system.

If you look in the top menu and you see a new entry - "Campaigns" - this means you. The Campaigns page is the main games listing for you Facilitators (and your Players) to start from. It currently houses about half a dozen playtests in various stages of earnestness. As a Facilitator you have the ability to create your own PBF Campaigns, consisting of Locations, NPCs, Galleries, Scenes, and the ruleset of your choice (contact me for rulesets that aren't currently available, and I'll add them in).

In the future I am considering charging for membership in the PBF - maybe you can help me figure that out - as I'm far from financially stable and would prefer to make money by creating my own games and supporting the games of others. But for you trailblazers who jumped into a new forum and helped create a sense of community here, for you 53 folks, it will always be free.

Happy Festivus!

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Rulesets currently supported include:
Apocalypse World, D&D, DayTrippers, Elthos, Fiasco, Freeform, Into the Odd, Other Borders (Malandros/DramaSystem), Scum and Villainy, and Trekker.