RPG Theory July

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Did you know this was a thing? Well, it is now!

This being the 1st, the topic is "Role-Play."

Here are the upcoming topics...

1. Role-play
2. Inclusion
3. The Conversation
4. Bleed
5. Game Objective
6. Interaction Design
7. Core Loops
8. Adaptation
9. Fictional Positioning
10. Ephemera
11. Fateplay
12. Character Embodiment
13. Emotional Beats
14. Genre Microscripts
15. Task Resolution

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I'm engaging most days, but yes, Twitter is really bad for this. Not least in that, since I don't already have a big rpg following on there, it doesn't matter how good what I say is — I'm dependent on someone retweeting it before many people see it at all.

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I haven't even kept up. Twitter is terrible for this.

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I think Twitter is great for this. Anybody can chime in. Just search the hashtag. Great way to find new people to follow.

Just tested my theory and confirmed it, for me anyway.