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"Organic Magic" - brainstorming toward a system

I'm working on a magic system, and I'm focusing on concept rather than mechanics right now, so it leaves me free to look in various directions for mechanics. I want to do something with a lot of narrative/descriptive play in it, where the effects of spells aren't prescribed but rather "interpreted...

Circle Theory and Brinkwood: A Case Study

Erik Bernhardt has written a brief explanation of "Circle Theory," a development methodology explained by Orion Black at Orcacon 2020. By dividing up your operant space into three concentric circles, this method allows you to look at the way various levels of the game interact with each other....

RPG Theory July

Did you know this was a thing? Well, it is now! This being the 1st, the topic is "Role-Play." Here are the upcoming topics... Day 1. Role-play 2. Inclusion 3. The Conversation 4. Bleed 5. Game Objective 6. Interaction Design 7....

Tabloo - Table Formatting Tool

ANNOUNCER: Hello, friends in RPG space... Do you make a lot of tables when designing games or adventures? Do you find it a pain? Do you wish it could be somehow... automated? SFX: RECORD SCRATCH ANNOUNCER: Well check out dis shiz, homies. TABLOO is a free interactive table...

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