A Too Procedural Apocalypse

So I am working on an idea for a game and I am trying to find an engine/system to attach it. I am drawn to the idea of doing my first PBtA or Foraged in the Dark game. But the more I look over these games I find a huge move to the procedural. By this I mean everything is governed by a move,...

Burnout Mechanic for PbtA games

According to "The Four Stages of Burnout" model (Mark Gorkin), professional burnout works like this: If Results, Rewards, Recognition and Relief are continually withheld from a hardworking person who constantly gives their all, that person will begin to advance through these four stages in order: (...

Dying of Thirst Rules for PbtA Games

The human body requires roughly 1 liter of water a day to survive. The average person can survive three to five days without water. Our heroes, of course, are not average people, but we don't want to throw all verisimilitude out the window. Therefore I propose for your consideration: DYING OF...

GM-Facing PbtA Moves

Has anyone turned the approach of PbtA Moves around, to be GM-facing? "When they are doing this... Activate This Rule" etc? Could be an interesting exercise.

PbtA Moves: Types and Normalization

Ben Roswell of Small Planet Games has put together this breakdown of mechanical effects across four classes of PbtA Move. The general idea is that a well-designed character class should have moves that cover all four of these quadrants: