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GM-Facing PbtA Moves

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GM-Facing PbtA Moves

Has anyone turned the approach of PbtA Moves around, to be GM-facing?
"When they are doing this... Activate This Rule" etc?
Could be an interesting exercise.

I think cruel fortunes in

I think cruel fortunes in Poison'd are basically GM-facing moves. Some of them have specific triggers as to when they can be brought into play - others can be brought in by the GM at will.

Sounds pretty old school!

In something like old-school D&D, there is a lot of "at the beginning of each turn, rolled for Wandering Monsters", "if you roll a 5, remember to mark the turns sheet and tell the players to mark off a torch each", and "when you're describing a new NPC, roll on the NPC Demeanour table", "when you describe a new character appearing, roll for Reaction", and so forth.

However, it's pretty interesting to think about something like this in a more "typical" PbtA design. What would the moves look like?

I haven't done that. However, I have a game where players trigger PbtA-style moves reactively - another player does a thing, and that triggers a move for you. It seems like it would work well, but I haven't actually played it.

Minor experience

In the last couple of months I ran HUDless games with no player rolling. These were very minimalistic GM facing games similar but not identical with FKR games. I can try to answer your questions!

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