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"Organic Magic" - brainstorming toward a system

I'm working on a magic system, and I'm focusing on concept rather than mechanics right now, so it leaves me free to look in various directions for mechanics. I want to do something with a lot of narrative/descriptive play in it, where the effects of spells aren't prescribed but rather "interpreted...

CORE Micro - Ready To Hack

It's fast and fun, designed to spur collaboration in character-based emergent stories, and it's built to be hacked. CORE Micro is the system that lies at the heart of "DayTrippers," but it's been stripped all the way down to its essentials and written with skinning/hacking in mind. You'll...

Gamism does not require carefully pre-detailed rules; why is it Western engineering?

Gamism does not require well-defined and agreed-upon rules mechanics. Note that I am not claiming we do not have a pretty well-defined system (in the Forge sense: how we decide what happens next in the fiction). But the mechanics, as in how precisely we figure out what happens next, are loose and...

Hex Flower Game Engines

Have you seen the "19 Hex Power Flower" design by Goblin's Henchman? The original summary defines it as "a versatile game engine using 2D6 and a 19-Hex Flower (it’s like a random table, but with a memory)." But the approach is broadly applicable, and turns out to be quite useful for all sorts...

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