All Known CORE Books & PDFs

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While working on the upcoming CORE Complete book, I thought it would be good to assemble a list of all worlds & supplements released so far...


CORE Micro by Tod Foley
Minimalist SRD for CORE-based worlds

DayTrippers by Tod Foley
Surreal Reality-Hopping Science Fiction

UnNatural by Tod Foley
Modern-Day Supernatural Monster Hunting

Monster Hunt by Jesse Pyne
Post-Apocalyptic Tribes Battling Giant Beasts

Welcome to the WWA by Kurt Aumueller
Woodland Creatures who take it to the Mat

COREthulhu by John Haremza
Cosmic Horror & Occult Investigation in the 1920s

BOGG by Tod Foley
Far-Flung Posthuman Adventure

Impact 1472! by Marc Braden
Pre-Colonial Fantasy Adventure

Far Above the World by Tod Foley
Modern-Day Orbital Space Adventure (Patreon Patrons Release)



CORE Feats by Tod Foley

Monster Hunt Magic by Jesse Pyne

DayTrippers GameMasters Guide by Tod Foley

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