Border Striders

This is a storygame about hard journeys. 1-8 players 120 minutes With this one, I am approaching at some serious stuff I bear. The tone doesn't have to be heavy, but it can become very dark, depending on the values you choose to start with and the individualism you put in it...

Game of Gods

Play as divinities struggling via their creatures in order to realize an apocalyptic prophecy. Alternate between narrative sequences and dramatic scenes and light but robust strategy phases.


You're independent game designers trying to get you work to be noticed in a saturated market : craft on !

I am the Witch

I am the Blue Mage is a game by Lilith Briar...

Mothwood Inn

an easy and safe ambient game of spirit world trips


- Be an animal, meet an animal, and touch hands at a critical point in your conversation. - A simple prisoner's dilemma will tell you if there was trust in the exchange. - Once you've got the hang of it, you will grow a community and go on quests to protect it. - References are Reynard the Fox...


This game doesn't pretend to accurately represent the experience of fantifas militants. Its rudimentary comment - that there's a contradiction to be overcome between office and street activism - mostly intends to reveal our representations. Who are the militants? How is a fascist problem...


a cyberpunk farce about dream machines


An invitation to flesh out a world through various perspectives crystalizing into an event. This is a hack of Wartorn by bookbinder7, Vivre Libre ou Mourir by Guillaume Jentey, and Swords Without Masters by Master Epidiah Ravachol Also influenced by Run. Die. Repeat. by Labrys Games,...

Storm at the Desert Gate Inn

a 1 page RPG of wuxia splendor