Politics through games

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One of my thought stopping-knot is the J-L Godard quote: "Not to make political films, but rather to make films *politically*." (Non pas faire du cinéma politique, mais faire *politiquement* du cinéma").

But I stil believe playing games with people has some politcal effect at a very local scale.
So I ask: how does your game fight fascism?

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The most obvious one that comes to mind is an example from the CORE COMPLETE book.
To demonstrate how a skill mod is applied to a stat roll, I use the example of punching a nazi in the face.

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In the study of serious games there is a distinction between persuasive games and artistic games. Persuasive games try to impart something particular, such as fighting fascism. Artistic games try to make a person think about something, such as fascism.

I try to respect people enough to prefer artistic games to persuasive ones. Fuck propaganda, even for good purposes.