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CORE COMPLETE -- Status Update

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CORE COMPLETE -- Status Update

The condition of CORE COMPLETE right now is:

  • Mechanically — how to play it — finished and in active playtesting. *
  • Pedagogically — how to run it — still designing an optimal approach.

This is because CORE is built to facilitate a specific type of play: one I can’t assume your group is experienced with.

Narrativism in general can be a tough pill for some people to swallow, and CORE presents a deliberately “hybrid” system that might – at first glance – be easily mistaken for a “Trad” game. But the Narrativism shows itself quickly, and the GM must have confidence in their ability to run in a loose and collaborative style.

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* Patrons and members of the As If Collective have all of the mechanics already (roughly 160 pages), and playtests started early this year. Some sections are publicly available, others are Patrons-only.


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