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Empirical Agency: A Spectrum of Design

Once upon a time, when my only RPG experiences were fairly crunchy games and my own campaigns were heavy Sims, I believed that there was a spectrum of design when it came to mechanics, and that spectrum ran from "playability" to "specificity." I was wrong. Let me clarify; The spectrum...

PbtA Moves: Types and Normalization

Ben Roswell of Small Planet Games has put together this breakdown of mechanical effects across four classes of PbtA Move. The general idea is that a well-designed character class should have moves that cover all four of these quadrants:

Schematic of a Classic Murder Mystery

Start by drawing a relationship map of all the characters. Give each character a letter or short abbreviation so you can also make an indexed table with rows corresponding to these characters. Give the table three blank columns. Label the columns "motive", "means" and "opportunity"....

Tabloo - Table Formatting Tool

ANNOUNCER: Hello, friends in RPG space... Do you make a lot of tables when designing games or adventures? Do you find it a pain? Do you wish it could be somehow... automated? SFX: RECORD SCRATCH ANNOUNCER: Well check out dis shiz, homies. TABLOO is a free interactive table...

The Possible and the Virtual

I've been studying a lot of Deleuze in the last few weeks. Because of this, I have a giant bundle of tangled thoughts working their way toward design-oriented theories, but they are difficult to elucidate and may take me some time. Today one such idea crystallized, and here it is... Deleuze...

Theory Ramble - Hybrid Games, Expectations and Plot

Different artforms have different expectations, and some of the games already residing under the ever-stretching aegis of "RPG" are so different from each other as to be effectively different artforms. (Fuckin' Yay!, I am all for ludological diversity. I just don't give a shit about the state...

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